What's better than a great deal on monogram cases? Revealing a prizing with your order! 

How it works

When you go to check out a window will come up showing what the winning number is for the day. After you complete your order you can see your order number and if it matches. It's that simple!


Odds of revealing prize

Your odds of revealing a prize with your order vary based on the prize we are currently offering. We'll always list the current winning order number before it's placed at the bottom.

How to redeem

To receive your prize all you have to do is email us with to confirm your order number.  We'll need to verify some of your order information to confirm it's actually you. NOTE: you have 7 days to claim your prize after receive your order. After 7 days your prize is forfeited and given to a new order #


Prize Order #

326218 - Michael Kors Purse

326453 - Michael Kors Purse

326781 - Michael Kors Purse

327115 - Michael Kors Purse

327918 - Michael Kors Purse

328237 - Michael Kors Purse

328694 - Michael Kors Purse

329018 Michael Kors Purse

329354 - Louis Vuitton Purse

329687 - Louis Vuitton Purse

330162 Louis Vuitton Purse

331169 Louis Vuitton Purse 

331650 - Michael Kors Purse

331920 - Michael Kors Purse

332476 - Michael Kors Purse

325200 - Louis Vuitton Purse

377840 - Michael Kors Purse